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Self Managed Super Fund Managementsmsf compliance

Your Super is usually your second biggest asset after your home. Self-managed super funds (SMSF) are a fantastic, flexible vehicle you can use to grow this valuable asset... but the legislation and associated administration of the fund is incredibly complicated. 

At North Advisory we dedicate an arm of our business to SMSF management. Our SMSF specialists are chartered accountants who are also SPAA qualified and have many years of experience managing Super funds. 

We pride ourselves in building long term relationships with our clients so that you have a trusted point of contact you can chat to any time.

The Best Option for You

When we set up or take on an existing fund we take the time to look at your total financial position and goals. We specialise in:

  • explaining the pros and cons of SMSF in plain English

  • ensuring a seamless transition from your existing super fund to SMSF

  • setting up the right fund structure for your circumstances

  • managing your fund meticulously so it complies with all legislation

  • offering tax efficient strategies to help you get the best from your fund

  • smart estate planning advice

  • giving you simple real time reports so you can watch your fund grow

Our tailored management solutions can make SMSF profitable option even if you have a smaller fund. We work diligently to deliver the setup and management in a timely manner with minimum paperwork. 

Transferring your SMSF to North Advisory is easy and free. We take care of the entire process and make sure the transfer is quick and smooth. There is no need to contact your current SMSF Accountant or Administration Provider before transferring your SMSF to us, all you need to do is provide us with the details and we take it from there. All you need to do is call us and arrange a meeting. This won't take too long and we can get the transfer process started immediately.

In the words of SMSF team member Cayle Petritsch:smsf compliance

"Super is most people's second biggest asset after their home so it's really important to get the fund management right. At North Advisory we love building long term relationships with our clients and taking all the headaches out of managing their SMSF. It's great to be part of an experienced team offering complete financial management solutions so you can get on with enjoying your money".

Key areas of expertise
  • Selection of individual or corporate trustee
  • Contribution limits and eligibility
  • In house asset rules
  • Related party transactions
  • Tax advice on binding and non binding nominations
  • Review of trust deeds
  • Structuring of estate planning through superannuation
  • Audit of self managed superannuation funds?

Contact us to chat about how we can work together to help secure your financial future

smsf compliance

How we help SMSF trustees

 At North Advisory, we've shared our experience and expertise with many trustees over many years to help them get the most out of their self managed super fund. We're confident we can help you too. 

North Advisory is uniquely placed to help you with SMSF experts across accounting, investments, financial planning, estate planning, insurance and mortgages all working together for our clients as and when they need it. 

In the current environment, the common issues we see SMSF trustees facing are; 

  • Control and Visibility 
  • Compliance and Paperwork 
  • Trusted investment advice 
  • Tax planning advice 
  • Fees and service quality 
  • Succession 

We can help in all of these areas and help you have a positive experience around managing your SMSF. 

Administration & Accounting 

With our market leading accounting and administration service, your SMSF is in safe hands. Your Superannuation Manager, a qualified accountant, will be your daily point of contact. 

Your manager will keep all accounting records for your SMSF, ensure your fund remains compliant, provide assistance with pensions and prepare the end of financial year accounts and coordinate the audit. SMSF succession planning If you're already starting to think about how best to manage your SMSF as you get older, and how to pass on your hard earned wealth in a tax efficient manner... you're ahead of the curve. 

We understand you've worked hard to build significant assets within your SMSF. You've been successful and you've managed your wealth in a prudent fashion. SMSFs and succession planning is a complex area, but in our experience, if you have the right plan in place you will significantly improve the probability of; 

smsf compliance
  • SMSF being well managed as the trustees age. 
  • A spouse being able to continue to manage, and benefit from the SMSF following the death of a partner. 
  • Your benefit being paid to the intended beneficiaries. 
  • Your benefits being paid to your beneficiaries tax effectively 

What is the process if you join us? 

We've helped many people transfer their SMSF to our service... it's easier than you might think. Along the way, you'll need to make some decisions and sign a few documents, but we'll deal with the paperwork and take care of the details. 

A personalised approach 

The process varies from fund to fund and depends on how you are currently running your SMSF. To start with, we'll liaise with your previous accountant or administrator to obtain the relevant paperwork and last set of completed financial year accounts. We'll update all the accounting records, and where necessary, our team can complete an outstanding set of financial year accounts. 

From there, we'll organise to transfer your investments so we have visibility of the assets within your SMSF and can provide advice. Typically, this process does not mean you need to sell any investments. 

All assets remain in the name of your SMSF so there is no change in ownership and no tax implications. If you are making contributions or pensions, our team will assist you to ensure your previous arrangements remain in place. 

Contact us to chat about how we can work together to help secure your financial future. We're based in Dee Why on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

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